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Dental Insurance

Comprehensive coverage from United Concordia. 

Professional Insurance Services, Inc. (PISI) is proud to administer a fully-insured group-rated dental plan underwritten by United Concordia Companies, Inc.

The United Concordia dental services plan, administered by PISI, is one of the most popular programs provided by PARSE. The price of a single service without insurance makes this plan easily pay for itself! 

All major categories of dental services are covered.

Dental insurance plans coverage includes*:

  • Class I - Diagnostic/Preventive Services (100% of MAC / 80% of MAC)

    • Routine Examinations and Routine Cleanings- two in 12 consecutive months

    • Routine Bitewing X-rays - two in 12 consecutive months

    • Full Mouth X-rays - once every 36 months

    • Fluoride Treatments - two in 12 consecutive months

    • Sealants - one every 36 months

    • Palliative Emergency Treatments

  • Class II - Basic Services (60% of MAC / 50% of MAC)

    • Minor Restorations- amalgams/ synthetic fillings

    • Endodontics - root canal therapy

    • Simple Extractions

    • Anesthesia Services

  • Class III - Major Services (50% of MAC / 40% of MAC)

    • Inlays, Onlays, Crowns (Caps)

    • Periodontics - treatment of gum disease

    • Complex Oral Surgery

    • Dentures and Bridges

    • Repair of Full or Partial Dentures​

  • Program Deductibles and Maximums

    • Contract Year Deductible - (excluding Class I Services)​

    • Contract Year Program Maximum - $2,000 Per Person

    • Preventive Incentive (PI) - Class I Services are not deducted from the Contract Year Program Maximum

    • Benefits and pricing on this site are effective 11/1/2021 for any new enrollment.




Over 293,000 providers to choose from!

One of the largest dental networks in the world! Over 293,000 dental access points for members to receive services. Coverage extends internationally!

Network dentists can save you money!


You can visit any licensed dentist and still have coverage. But, you usually will save money if you visit a network dentist. Network dentists accept discounted fees (or MAC) as payments in full for covered



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