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Other Benefits

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Identity Theft Assist


Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America; affecting some 9 million American’s every year.  ID Theft Assist is the only true third party recovery service for identity theft victims.  While many “recovery” programs will tell you what to do, the representatives at our 24-hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week Emergency Call Center actually do the recovery work for you. 

Enrollment is completed via IDTheft Assist's website:

Pet Insurance

You already expect the unexpected with your pets, but what about when it comes to their vet bills? The truth is, unexpected vet bills happen more often than you think, and they cost you more than you would care to imagine. Petplan pet insurance can help. Petplan insurance helps you pay your unexpected vet bills so if your pets have an accident or become ill, your first thoughts can be about their care, not your budget.

Visit to receive your quote and

enter "PARSE292" to receive 10% total off monthly premiums!

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